The First Modular Solution for All Testing Situations

ERS® AirCool® 3 provides a full temperature range with air reliability and unmatched chiller compactness. It’s modular components economically allow meeting different requirements and upgrading the system at any time.

  • Air only – no liquids or Peltier elements
  • MTBF > 35,000 hours
  • Temperature ranges from -55 to +200 °C
  • Low-noise capability in the fA-range
  • No additional external air required if compared to liquid systems
  • Modular system, compatible through all upgrade options
  • Compatible with all major production probers and all major analytical probers
  • Full hardware and software integrations available
  • Service-friendly FRU (Field Replacement Units) components

Air-only Cold Test for 24-hour Reliable Production

In use at renowned production floors and research laboratories world-wide, the patented technology within the  AirCool® 3 system is famous for its wide temperature range, compact chiller, low power requirements and air-only reliability. Negligible system down time, smaller footprint in the clean room and reduced utilities costs make for the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Unrivalled Efficiency thanks to the Patented AC² Technology

The core technology of the highly efficient AirCool® 3 is the optional AC² efficient heat exchanging system. This extracts maximum cooling from the chilled air while making double use of the dry air source when the expended dry air is used to purge the chuck area.

High Performance for Both Lab and Production Environment

Close cooperation over the years with both the laboratory end-user and with the demanding vendors of high-quality analytical wafer probers has produced the best performance in low-noise test. The demands of the wafer sort floor during high pin-count test are also met due to the high rigidity of the AirCool® 3 wafer chuck.