ERS PowerSense® Chuck System

The Unique High Energy Dissipation Solution

ERS® PowerSense® provides a novel solution to detecting and dissipating heat during wafer test for extremely high-wattage high-end logic chips.

  • Up to 5000W energy dissipation
  • Most efficient heat transfer
  • Temperature ranges from -55 to +200 °C
  • Near-zero maintenance requirements
  • Low-noise capability in the fA-range
  • Dissipation at hot sort possible
  • Cold testing suitable for the wafer production floor
  • Compatible with all major production probers and all major analytical probers
  • Full hardware and software integrations available

Senses and instantly compensates changes in chuck temperature

The near simultaneous sensing and removing of heat added during test evokes the image of the chuck as a power sensing device. Added heat is, in fact, removed by reducing energy to the chuck. The patented Active Dissipation Control (ADC) dramatically reduces the overall thermal resistance of the system.

High rigidity allowing a wide range of applications

The wafer chuck on the PowerSense® system is extremely rigid and suitable for probing both with densely-populated probe cards for high end logic test as well as for high parallel probe cards used in DRAM and Flash device applications.