Here at, we strive to meet your prober and testing needs.  We specialize in the refurbishment and resale of the TSK wafer probers and Electroglas wafer prober lines.  We also have a comprehensive set of spare parts for your existing probers.  Do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email with questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Company Highlights, one of the longest running companies, dedicated to the refurbishment and resale of wafer probers and wafer prober lines, has entered a multi-year cooperative agreement with ERS America LLC ( ) as exclusive representative of their wafer level heating and cooling chuck systems in the Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and Utah.


Inventory Highlights

Some new additions to our inventory are a couple APM90 G2s, an Agilant 4070, and an Agilant 4072. Our inventory is always changing and growing, which gives you many options.  We try to have the parts and units that you may need.  We consistently have a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for various units.  We have boards, microscopes, wires, and switches.  We can make custom upgrades to your existing probers as well.


Ensure accuracy in testing with the various options available.  We can help you upgrade existing units or provide additional probers to expand your operations’ capacity. Visit our website or email us for availability of parts and quotes.

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