Wafer ID Reader with Cognex Vision

Confidence for the Entire Semiconductor Process

Automatic Identification for Wafer Traceability

For more than two decades, Cognex wafer ID systems have set the standard for high read rates and reliability, and the In-Sight 1740 series is no exception. In-Sight 1740 series wafer readers may be small, but they’re packed full of performance. Everything needed to achieve high read rates without compromising reliability is provided in a single compact, self-contained system.

Advanced lighting system.

With 12 modes of built-in, software-controlled, bright and dark field illumination, In-Sight 1740 series readers can image virtually any ID mark. Super-soft marks, ultra-thin coatings, sapphire substrates – the In-Sight 1740 series lighting system is up to these challenges, and many more. Plus, as new wafer processes and coatings are developed, In-Sight 1740 series readers can be extended to meet new imaging.
challenges with specialized lighting powered by the auxiliary light port.

Proven reading algorithms.

Even the most effective illumination needs advanced ID algorithms to successfully read OCR, T7 Data Matrix, and barcodes on hard to image wafers.  At the heart of the In-Sight 1740 series are Cognex reading algorithms developed based on the experience that only comes from having installed over 31,000 wafer ID systems.  These algorithms are proven to be the most robust, most reliable in the world on ID marks that have been degraded by edge bead, CMP, scribe-on-die patterns, and other conditions.

Image enhancement filters.

The effects of wafer processing can impact ID mark quality to such an extent that they resist reading by even the most advanced lighting system and software algorithms. In-Sight 1740 series readers can overcome these visual degradations using automatic image enhancement filters. Even in the most severe cases, filters are able turn a read failure into a read success while increasing reliability and eliminating the need for a human intervention.

Faster Reading Performance.

The In-Sight 1740 Series reads 40% faster than its predecessor, the best-selling In-Sight 1720 Series. The extra power can also be used to perform more processor intensive image analysis that delivers exceptionally reliable results without increasing overall read times.

Bright field illumination:

Dark Field Illumination:

Without OCR Filter:

With OCR Filter: