ERS WaferTherm® Chuck System

Thermal wafer testing for the laboratory environment

ERS® WaferTherm® is a highly accurate stand-alone system suited to the laboratory environment. It provides excellent temperature precision and fast temperature ramping.

  • 0.01 °C temperature step precision
  • Liquid-cooled peltier chuck system
  • Temperature ranges from -65 to +150 °C
  • Extremely short temperature settling times
  • Compact system with Chiller-integrated controller

Proven Technology for most Accurate Testing Results

The ERS® WaferTherm® chuck system is used for high precision thermal wafer test. The proven thermal technology using Peltier elements and liquid cooling has been integrated into most analytical wafer probers on the market.

Ideal Solution for the Laboratory Environment

Its very short temperature settling times and high-resistance insulation has made ERS® WaferTherm® an extremely popular system in wafer laboratories. The system‘s high thermal resolution makes it ideally suited for the liquid crystal failure analysis. Very small temperature increments can be precisely adjusted.

Highest Product Quality Standards

With its years of experience working with Peltier elements, ERS® is able to offer the most reliable operation with this highly accurate stand-alone system. The ERS® incoming quality control and sorting of Peltier elements yields a reliability unseen in other Peltier chucks.