TSK UF3000 Spec Sheet

TSK UF3000 was developed to be the de facto standard model for the semiconductor testing process that accurately meets these needs. It is a fully automatic, ultra-high function probing machine that meets the total range of customer requirements including high-mix low-volume production for System LSI etc. or mass production for memories etc.

In addition to the high-rigidity of the machine, the probe mark inspection (PMI) features an automated adjustment sequence to guarantee 100% probe to pad contact.

The UF3000 increases through-put with ease of probe card conversion, quick set-up and improved processing capability. This enables rapid integration into 300mm wafer mass production lines.
The machine received high evaluation from major device manufacturers in terms of CoO (Cost of Ownership) and OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), and we have already received 60 orders. The company will use its established advantage as the No.1 supplier in this field to promote the adoption of UF3000 in 300mm wafer mass production plants.

High-spec wafer probing machine UF3000

1.High through-put
The new high performance CPU helps to decrease set up time.
Multiple CPUs allow for parallel processing to decrease overall lot process time.
2.Easy Operation
Easy conversion of probe cards
Easy set up of parameters through new Touch To Go (TTG) function. Also supports multiple languages. Selecting a new language can be done without reboot.
New image processing system enables probe to pad alignment, probe mark inspection and self-diagnostic functions.
Compliant with 200 mm and 300 mm wafers on one load-port.
3.Ultra precision
Probe alignment is conducted at same height as actual probing, thereby minimizing any Z – axis error.
For ultra high rigidity, UF3000 uses a 4 axes driving mechanism (QPU: Quad Pot Unit) for Z – axis.
OTS (Optical Target Scope) enables measurement of the relative position of the cameras with absolute accuracy.
Total Accuracy
within ±2µm