We just got back a couple of short weeks ago, from the lovely city of San Francisco, where SEMICON West was held.  It seems like we are traveling a lot lately, but we think it is worth it to see so many of you!

San Francisco is a happening, artsy city with so much to look at.  Between the architecture, chocolate factories, public art, and trolley cars, there was never a dull moment.  The trade show had a perfect backdrop.

View from the Cable Car in San Francisco, California 




Entrance to the Show at the Moscone Center 

We love meeting with our customers and colleagues.  It is always nice to put a name to a face and make that personal connection.  And what a cool city to do it in! We had a great time meeting with people from all over Europe, Asia, and across the United States.  It really brings the global market closer together.   It was a great opportunity to meet lots of other companies in the industry and a good meeting place to come together with people from across the world that we don’t get to see very often.









Flying over the Bay; back to Portland

Now that we are back in Portland for the most part, and all the hustle and bustle of shows and conferences is over, we are much easier to get a hold of!  Please give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any probing needs.

Parts For Your Probers
As the impending summer weather draws near, get your probers in tip top shape.  We can even retrofit them to be able to handle the heat!  We can install hot chucks to test at those high temperatures you need or the chillers to cool them down.

We consistently have a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for various units.  We can help swap out chucks, manipulators, and whatever else you might need.  We have boards, microscopes, wires, and switches. If there is something you need, and aren’t sure if we have it, don’t hesitate to ask.  We also have access to parts even if we don’t have them on hand.  We will even match the price of parts quoted by any other suppliers.  With Prober.com, you can be sure you are always getting the best value.

Ensure accuracy in testing with the various options available.  We can help you integrate OCRs or thermal chucks into your existing units or provide additional probers to expand your operations’ capacity. Visit our website or email us for availability of parts and quotes.

Jacqueline Bonciolini

Marketing and Sales
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