We are marching on into the spring and we have some good news for you.  If you’re like us, you are a little water logged and slightly frozen.  I could use a little warm up right about now.  Your probers probably feel the same.  While we can’t make the sun come out just yet, we can warm up your probers.

We have ERS hot chucks that can test up to 200 degrees C.  For those of you that like the temperatures on the chilly side, we have cold chucks. They can test as low as -55 degrees C.   If you have a manual probe station, we have more extended temperature ranges available.You can even send us your prober and we can install the thermal chuck for you and ship it back to your facility or we can do the install onsite.

Want to Reduce Your Overall Die Costs?
There are many reasons to broaden the temperature range of your wafer testing.  Just a few reasons to test at the prober level:

  • Lowers cost
  • Reduce test fallout at final test
  • Accelerating failure mechanisms to screen out unreliable die.
  • Tests the temperature range that your product can withstand

If you are interested in expanding your test parameters to include hot or cold chucks, please let us know.  We have some great options available for you.

Highlights in Our Inventory
Some new additions to our inventory are APM90 G2s, UF190As, and UF200ALs . Our inventory is always changing and growing, which gives you many options.  We try to have the parts and units that you may need.  We consistently have a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for various units.  We have boards, microscopes, wires, and switches. If there is something you need, and aren’t sure if we have it, don’t hesitate to ask.  We also have access to parts even if we don’t have them on hand.

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