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Wafer Prober

Wafer probers are used to test integrated circuits by aligning a set of microscopic contacts or pads with needle like probes in a probe card,  The card is held in place while the wafer, vacuum-mounted on a wafer chuck, is moved into electrical contact.  When a die (or array of die) have been electrically tested the prober moves the wafer to the next die (or array) and the next test can start. The wafer prober is typically also responsible for loading and unloading the wafers from their carrier and is equipped with automatic pattern recognition optics capable of aligning the wafer with sufficient accuracy to ensure accurate registration between the contact pads on the wafer and the tips of the probes.

Prober.com is one of the longest running companies dedicated to refurbishment and resale of wafer prober lines.  We offer complete sourcing and parts support for our customers.  We pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our customers and we partner with them to provide solutions to capacity needs in a timely manner.  We work with our customers to plan for large and small capacity increases as well as integrating thermal and OCR solutions for their changing test requirements.

Probers Supported:

  • Accretech/TSK Wafer Probers
  • Electroglas (EG) Wafer Probers
  • TEL Wafer Probers

HOT and COLD Chuck Options

ERS Hot & Cold Chuck Systems Link

We can integrate both Hot and Cold chuck options into your probers using the ERS AirCool® Systems

-55C to 200C

Wafer ID Readers

Wafer ID Cognex Systems Link

Cogex 1741 Wafer ID readers are one of our specialties.  Hard to read scribes for all situations.  Please contact us for your Wafer ID requirements.

Corporate Profile – Overview

Prober.com is a subsidiary of HighTech Enterprises, Inc. and one of the longest running prober refurbishing companies in the industry.   We’re an innovator and leader, developing integration of technologies that transform what’s possible. We’re also a partner with other resellers and OEMs, making it easier for our customers to try new things and gain competitive advantages in their markets.


We leverage our connections to other global operations to supply products and support to customers around the world. The close coordination of collaboration and support functions with our customers helps us deliver high-quality products that meet our customers’ requirements.  Our facility in Oregon allows for acceptance testing and co-development with our partners and customers.